The “Winnow” Takes Over As The Best Plastic Swimbait On The Market – Next Generation Bait From Nikko Fishing Baits

2021 has already started off way better then 2020 did. The much anticipated plastic Swimbait from Nikko Fishing Baits, the “Winnow”, has finally hit the United States and has already started taking the fishing industry by storm.

In this post, I will be going over of this new product by Nikko Fishing Baits, showing you key features that make it stand out from others in it’s category, providing links to buy your own, and tips on the best way to rig them!

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The Nikko Fishing Baits’ “Winnow” in Green Pumpkin & Sexy Herring Colors!

What is the “Winnow” and When was it released?

Since the first types of swimbaits hit the industry back in the late 1980s, they have truly become a force to be reckoned with. What started out as a lure designed to imitate rainbow trout in Southern California, hard and soft-body swimbaits have come a long way throughout the last 20 years. Hard-body swimbaits made of wood or plastic materials were the first to really hit the waters, but as affective as hard-body swimbaits can be. Soft-body swimbaits, typically made out of rubber or soft plastics, are now what is more commonly used across the nation because of their versatility and overall cost-effectiveness.

Released on January 15th, 2021, the Winnow had been in development for over 3 years before it was perfected and became available to the public. Thanks to it’s creators, Douglas Roberts, Scott Barrett, and Reggan Dumpert, this soft-body paddle tail swimbait has turned out to be way ahead of it’s time. Despite how long it took to design and perfect, I believe that the timing of it’s release could not have come at a better time. Looking back through at the plastic baits that have been released over the last 2 years, everything that has been produced just feels like more of the same.

With that in mind, having something that is legitimately new and unique hit the market could quite possibly be just what the doctor ordered for the sport of the fishing.

What makes the “Winnow” different from other soft-body paddle tail swimbaits?

There are constantly more and more plastic bait companies coming out with products across the world on a daily basis. Arguably for the last few years, the most popular of soft plastic swimbaits has been those produced by Keitech, Basstrix, and Strike King. The reason for their popularity is because of their consistency and capabilities of producing all species and sizes of fish from all corners of the globe. It is very rare that you come across an angler that has not heard of or has not used one or all of these brands.

So what should an industry standard soft-body paddle tail bait have and how is the “Winnow” any better?


A few more features the “Winnow” has that are worth mentioning would be:

  • “Like all of the Nikko Fishing Baits, they are completely toxin-free, contain no environmental hormones, and are swallow-safe for wildlife.” – As stated by the Official Nikko Fishing website.
  • Extremely buoyant – Being that they are made from Nikko’s proprietary super tough floating material, this gives you complete control on where you want it to be in the water column based entirely on how you rig it!
  • On top of the increased vibrations, the detailed ribboning of the body vibrates at such a frequency that it triggers fishes lateral lines.
  • The special indentations all over the bait create frequencies and vibrations that make it very hydromantic.
  • As of right now, the only size that the “Winnow” is currently available in is 90mm. This size is easily comparable to that of a size 90 River2Sea Whopper Plopper.
  • The head on the “Winnow” was designed as such so that it can be easily removed when using it as a swim jig trailer or on a simple ball jig. By doing this, the “Winnow” keeps it’s overall shape and size so that none of it’s features are ever forfeited.

So what is the catch and why isn’t everyone using them?

After using this bait for months now and seeing it in action, I have asked myself that very same question many times over. Why isn’t everyone using these? The durability factor alone is what sold me from the very beginning. So I decided to take my question to social media and ask other experienced anglers their opinions on this matter.

What I found was not just interesting, but also quite frustrating as well. Everyone I came across who had legitimately used the “Winnow” all swear by it and had either switched brands all together or had no need to try any others! The problem I discovered was from those anglers who had never tried them before. As frustrating as it was, I fully understand and respect why they are so hesitant.

Reason why these anglers are so hesitant or are against trying the “Winnow” is because of the initial cost of them and it’s limited available buying options. For a 5-Pack of “Winnows”, the price is $14.99 USD and they are only available for purchase on the Nikko Fishing Baits’ website. When the Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbaits range from $5.99-$9.47 USD for a pack of 6 and the Strike King Rage Swimmers range from $5.79-$10.91 USD for a pack of 7, both being widely available in many local bait shops and big named stores. (The price ranges for both these products were found on Amazon and you can go directly to those sale pages by clicking the product names above.)

Admittedly, I understand where price could be an issue and how necessity sometimes forces us to settle with whatever our local tackle stores or big named companies have in stock. Especially for spur of the moment circumstances where waiting for an online order to come in is NOT an option. I also understand being on a budget and not being able to afford the pricier options, but in all reality. What is the cheaper option there? If your answer is the $5.79 pack of Strike King Rage Swimmers, you would be dead wrong!

Right about now you are probably thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute! I took second grade math and $5.79 is absolutely less than $14.99” and technically you would be correct. But if you take a minute to look at the big picture, you would immediately start to realize that $14.99 for the “Winnow” is actually much cheaper in the long run. Tell me what is the smarter option of the two below:

  1. Buy a cheap broke down car that is outdated with minimal features for $500 that will only last you a maximum of 1-2 months.
  2. Buy a brand new car with top of the line and state of the art features for $20,000 that will last you beyond 3-5 years.

I do not know about you, but if I have the means to do so, I am definitely going with option #2! This same concept applies when considering to buy the “Winnow”. Yes, running to the store and paying $5.79 for 7 plastic swimbaits may seem like the better option. When in all actuality, you will be right back at that store within a week or less to buy another pack. Why? Because the cheaper plastic baits have no durability to them, they can only be rigged up once before having to grab another one, and you are lucky if you are able to catch 2-3 fish on 1 bait before having to put a new one on.

With the “Winnow”, you are able to catch 10+ fish on the same one and rig it up as many ways as you like without having to grab another! Realistically, the only time you ever need to grab a new “Winnow” is when you break off/snap your line or for having multiple rigged up and ready to go! So here are your available options, you choose which is the best one:

  1. Pay $5.79 for a pack of cheaper plastic swimbaits every week for a month. With a total of $28.95!
  2. Pay $14.99 for a pack of “Winnows” that will last for months!

For proof of how many times you can rig up 1 “Winnow” without having to grab another, check out the video below and feel free to skip to the 6:40 mark if you are in a rush.

What are the best ways to rig the “Winnow”?

So what is the best way to rig the Nikko Fishing Baits “Winnow”? Typically the answer is, it’s all up to you!

Remembering that the “Winnow” is still a soft-body paddle tail swimbait, even though it is much more advanced, means that the rigging options are all based on personal preference and are ultimately limitless! Whether you use it weightless on a Texas Rig, as a trailer on a swim jig, or throwing multiple on an umbrella rig. The “Winnow” will out perform any others you would have typically been using.

Personally, I have discovered many different rigging options for the “Winnow” and have used each one of them on the water. Just as you might predict, the success of each one is all based on the weather conditions and overall waters you will be using it on. Lucky enough for you, I have made an entire “How To Rig The “Winnow”” Playlist over on the Lifeoholics Fishing YouTube Channel!

To check out the entire playlist and to see first-hand exactly how to rig the “Winnow”, Click the video below! The first video in the playlist is a simple YouTube #Short that introduces the “Winnow” and from there the playlist kicks off with the most basic of all rigging techniques, the Texas Rig.


Whether you are new to plastic swimbaits or you have been using them for years, you can see why the “Winnow” has taken the industry by storm. It has everything you can possibly want from a soft-body paddle tail swimbait and much more!

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Limitless Rigging Options
  • And It’s Proven To Catch Fish Of All Shapes And Sizes!

If you are ready to try them out for yourself, click this link:

If you would like to see what others have had to say about the “Winnow”, as well as, photos from Nikko Fishing Bait users of their past catches. Click here to head over to the Nikko Fishing Baits’ Facebook Page:

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Best Budget Action Camera Under $100 for 2020 – Victure AC700 4K Ultra HD Action Camera

Review Summary Box – In Depth Article Below

To head right over and purchase the Victure AC700 4K Action Camera, Click Here –

Wearing the original “GoPro Chesty Mount” and using the Victure AC700 Action Camera


If you are reading this review it may be safe to say that, like myself, you overly enjoy creating videos as a personal hobby or for public consumption on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Unfortunately, the products and gear required to take your content to the next level can get to be awfully expensive. Especially if you are attempting to create and sustain a successful YouTube channel or business that involves videography. I started recording footage for my YouTube channel in April of this year and quickly realized that it is not as easy as many YouTubers make it seem to be.

Every day there are more and more people hitting these platforms trying to make their video content stand out from the rest. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have a couple hundred dollars in our pockets to blow on the latest and top of the line gear that many of the successful influencers currently use in their day to day videos. This leaves us settling for cheaper “knockoffs” that ultimately end up being nothing like they are advertised. After many frustrating attempts at finding quality gear at an affordable price, I am overly excited to say that I have finally found one of those rare products that turn out to be so much more then it was advertised!

The product I am referring to is the “Victure AC700 4K Ultra HD Action Camera!” This product has enabled me to get those tricky camera angles and a lot of other footage that I would never be able to get with my smart phone or even a fancy DSLR camera. Best part about the Victure AC700 Action Camera and the package included with it is that it is under $60! That is over 60% cheaper than the latest GoPro. So, let’s take a more in depth look into this action camera starting with key features and specifications. Then I will share some pros and cons I personally discovered while using it, as well as, actual videos and photos I have personally created using this action camera!

Click Picture to view the Original Twitter Post

The Victure AC700 4K Action Camera’s Features and Specifications

Victure is one of the developing brands in action camera products. Recently stated on their official Amazon Store page, “These years, we are committing to provide our customers with different cameras from the mid and high-end ranges.” Referred to as the “Victure Shining Star”, the AC700 Action Camera is their most cost-effective model that comes equipped with a remote control and external microphone. The wide range of features this action camera is equipped with provides users with very high-quality videos and images. That is despite being referred to as “cost-effective” action camera.


  • Ultra HD Video Resolutions from 4K 30FPS, 1080p 60FPS, and 720p 120FPS
  • Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS)
  • 170 Degree Super Wide-Angle Lens
  • 20MP Ultra HD Quality Photos
  • Built in WiFi and 2.4G Wireless Remote
  • Web Camera compatible with both PCs and MACs
  • 2.5mm External Microphone
  • 2 Inch HD LCD Display Screen
  • 40 Meter Underwater Depth Rating
  • 8GB-64GB Class 10 Micro SD & TF Card Capability (NOT INCLUDED)


  • Sony IMX179 Sensor
  • 20MP/16MP/12MP/8MP/5MP Photo Resolutions
  • H.264 Code; MOV Video Format
  • JPEG Image Format
  • Android/iOS Supported (8-15 Meter) WiFi Connection
  • Class 10, FAT 32, 8GB-64GB Micro SD Cards
  • Auto (-2.0 – 2.0 EV)
  • Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and DC2.5 Microphone Ports
  • Rechargeable 1050mAH Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • All Victure Products Include a 12 Month Limited Warranty from Date of Purchase
Here is my video posted on the “Lifeoholics Fishing” YouTube Channel where I briefly review the AC700 Action Camera and demonstrate some of it’s features!

What Is and Is NOT Included with the Victure AC700

The reason most people would be interested in buying an action camera is because they are looking for different points of views that a smartphone or standard DSLR camera just cannot get. The way to acquire these different points of views is by mounting an action camera where it would be capable of recording that footage. Most commonly, action cameras get mounted on top of motorcycle helmets, strapped to someone’s head, on the handlebars of a bicycle, or on the end of a selfie stick to record underwater.

Underwater footage using the Victure AC700 that I personally shot on one of my fishing trips!

Typically, when you buy an action camera from a local retailer or online direct from the companies. You are buying just the actual action camera body and that is it. Of course, they all commonly come with a battery, charging cable, and instruction booklet that includes directions on how to use the action camera with diagrams of how to mount it if you bought those accessories separately. Luckily enough, the package that I bought and am reviewing here includes the action camera and 20 accessories! Includes in those 20 accessories are 2 rechargeable batteries, an external microphone, waterproof case, and over 10 different mounting items that insure you are capable of immediately being able to plug and play out of the box!

Included Accessories Worth Mentioning:

  • 2 – 1050mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • USB Charging and Connection Cable
  • External Microphone
  • Waterproof Case
  • Bicycle Mount
  • 4 Adhesive Pads
  • 8 Different Thumbscrews

The included accessories, as well as the features this product offers were the main selling points for me that made me decide to buy it. You are legitimately capable of taking this action camera out of the box, choose how you would like to mount it, put a battery in, connect it to your phone, and then go start recording! Now as much that there is included, there are just as much not included. One of those main things that are NOT included is a Class-10 Micro SD or TF Card, which is unfortunate since it is an absolute must-have in order to operate the action camera by itself without connecting to your phone.

It is a good possibility that if you have owned a camera or android product then you should already have a Micro SD card or two laying around. If you do, then there are 2 specifications you need to be aware of before plugging any Micro SD or TF cards into this camera.

Micro SD and TF Card Requirements:

  1. Must Be a Class-10
  2. Must Be Between 8GB to 64GB Storage Size
Side Image of the Victure AC700’s Micro SD Card Port, Charging Port, HDMI Hookup, and DSLR Microphone Input + My Personal ScanDisk 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Card

Here is the Micro SD Card I personally use with this action camera daily. I HIGHLY suggest having more then 1 because even though 64GB may seem like a lot of storage space. In all actuality it is not much space at all when you are recording at 4K 30FPS video quality for any extended lengths of time. Always remember, higher the quality and longer the video, then the larger the file size will be. Class-10 Scandisk Micro SD Card I use – ScanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSD

Apart from needing the Micro SD card when first purchasing this action camera. There are a few other accessories I ended up purchasing that are not included with this package that I believe you may be interested in as well. Most importantly is an external battery charger and protective bag to put everything in. The external charger I suggest is another Victure product that includes 2 more batteries and is also a dual charger. Meaning it can recharge 2 batteries at a time! Those 2 items and others are listed below along with direct links to each product.

Extra Optional Accessories NOT Included with this Package that I personally own and recommend:

LED Light Ring Included with the Portable Vlogging Kit, Selfie Stick with Tripod Attachment

Pros and Cons

As amazing as I believe this product and package to be, like all things in life, there is of course some negatives to go along with the positives that I would like you to be aware of. Listed below are what I believe to be the Pros and Cons of this product that I discovered since first receiving it up until now.

Very Versatile! Perfect number of Features that paired up perfectly with the available accessories that make it suitable for getting ANY and ALL footage you desire!The battery life is atrocious when ran at highly quality settings. It maxes out at 40-60 minutes straight but can be extended longer using lower quality settings.
Optional Exposure setting that can be set higher or lower for nighttime or early morning use without needing an external light source.The onboard playback speaker is horrible which forces you to transfer the video files to your phone, PC, or Mac to hear how the audio turned out.
You are not restricted to just one videos. The Picture Quality is equally as good as the video with the added benefit of features like Burst Shot to get that perfect shot!The quality of the 2″ LCD onboard screen is only viable for to be used to see what is being recorded and for adjusting settings. Like the audio, you must transfer before seeing what the footage looks like.
The Action Camera’s unit is super durable and vevry well made overall. I have dropped it, beaten it, and still it performs just like it did on Day 1.You are unable to use the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer) in 4K Format. It is only accessible in 1080p and lower.

Here is What Others Had to Say About This Product

I have found the best way to decide on whether I should buy something or not, that is once I discovered that it’s features and specifications are what I need, is by checking around to see what other people have said who own the product. Depending on where you are buying the product from, you cannot always find legitimate unbiased opinions easily. It can take quite some time researching to find these genuine firsthand accounts. Lucky for you though, by coming here and reading my review. I already took the time to research what others had to say and compiled a few of them to list below!

Click here to view ALL the reviews ever posted for the Victure AC700 –

Products Similar to the Victure AC700 in Price Range and Above

Here are some other Action Cameras in the same price range as the Victure AC700, as well as, the next model up from it and it’s best selling competitor.

Victure AC900 4K 30FPS Action Camera with Touchscreen –

Crosstour CT8500 4K 20MP Action Camera –

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera –

GoPro HERO7 Black –


When all is said and done, all in all you get what you pay for. Just like everything in life, this product has its high points and it’s low. Whether this would be your first action camera, upgraded web camera, or you need an extra point of view for your videos. This is the perfect choice for any of the above applications. Overall, I believe that this is the best beginners starting point for really learning the basis of action camera filmography and getting a feel for whether they enjoy this aspect or not.

If you have decided that the Victure AC700 4K Action Camera is the Action Camera for you. Click here to order yours right now with the 20 accessories for only $49.99 –

If you are not already an Amazon Prime Member and would like the added benefit of Free 2-Day Shipping, along with access to Amazon Prime Video that has Thousands of Great Shows and Movies, AND you get to borrow as many Kindle Books as you would like while your subscription is active! Here is a Free 30-Day Free Trial for Amazon Prime on Me! If you decide Prime is not for you, cancel anytime within the 30-Day Trial and you will not be charged a penny! Click Here to Signup (For New Members Only) –

I do hope you got value from this review and that it helped you decide on whether or not you’re ready to move to the next step in videography or to add an extra lens to really punch up your current videos! To see other reviews done by me and to be notifed via e-mail whenever I publish a new one, make sure to enter your e-mail below in the “Follow Blog” box.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought about this review. Also, if there is any product you are currently debating on whether to buy or not and would like me to review. Please let me know in the comments below or by visiting the Contact Page and sending me a direct message!


*Disclaimer* This review contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission on qualifying purchases!

Official Lifeoholics Fishing YouTube Channel Is Live!

After a lot of hard work and sacrificing the health of this website, the Lifeoholics Fishing YouTube Channel is officially live with 5 videos already uploaded! The first video, being the longest one so far, is an introduction video with a lot of great tips for shore fishing and a sneak peak trailer for what to expect in the upcoming videos! Just click below to check it out!

Now that the channel is launched and has been going strong with steady content being uploaded weekly, I will be coming back to my roots and growing this website again. It will be a slow but steady process that I hope my followers will appreciate. The content that will be coming out is totally focused on helping you, my followers, on all things fishing to help improve your overall experience on the water!

Apart from that, I will be uploading my first set of product reviews both here and on the channel. I would love everyone’s feedback on both the channel and the direction I will be taking here! This is only a short post to share the release of the channel and I hope you all gain value from the content!

Thank you very much as always!

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Yes, It Has Been Awhile. Here is Why and What Is Next!

So Much Change, In Such Little Time…

As I am sure most of you have probably noticed, there has not been any posts or activity lately here on the website or on my social media’s. I can promise you all that this was certainly not intentional. As fortunate as I was to publicly launch this website and blog, the timing could have been better since soon after my life took a steep turn into chaos and it has not let up much since. With the schools closing until next year along with a lot of other setbacks occurring because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been no exception when it comes to the hard times many of us have been faced with since this all started. Though I have had the extra time off from my day to day job, I have picked up the responsibilities of being a full-time parent at home since my better half is an essential worker.  

I know I am not alone when I say that this entire experience has truly gave me a whole new perspective and sense of gratitude towards teachers and what they go through on a daily basis while caring for our children. On a side note though, I really cannot wait to see these teachers again so I can call them out on all the lies they spit out on parent teacher night’s about how great our children are and how happy they are to have them as students. Now this feeling is one I am not alone with because after just one week of having to home school my kids. I immediately knew that either the teacher lied or these kids act completely different in school then they do at home. With knowing how these kids are, I can confidently say it was the teachers that were not telling the whole truth here. (That was 100% a joke and I do not actually hold any hard feelings towards any teachers so please refrain from any negative comments because of this. This was purely a LoL moment. Thank you!) 


As unfortunate as this entire situation has been, one fortunate thing to happen is that my girlfriend, the kids, and myself are all finally moving into our new home! We have known since before this past Christmas that we would be moving into my girlfriend’s childhood home, but what we did not know was exactly when that was going to definitely happen. We knew that we had to wait for her parents to finish renovating their new house and then get partially moved in before getting an exact date. We were predicting that it would happen by or during the summer. Thanks to the extra freed up time the Covid-19 situation had presented. The entire process was completed a lot sooner then anticipated. Pushing up our official move in date to May 23rd!  

So along with the extra day to day duties added to our already hectic lives, packing and moving was also added in on top of all that. Making it extremely hard for me to be able to fully commit the time required to produce the best content that you all deserve! Yes, I could have thrown together partially researched posts on sloppy thrown together topics. But that is not the type of content I want Lifeoholics Anonymous to be known for or associated with. So I have sacrificed the short game to help insure a better long game. Even though I have not published any posts and have not been as active as I wish I was on social media. That does not mean I have not been working on anything or have not been preparing for what comes next.

New Logo Concept/Idea – Tell Me What You Think Of It In The Comments Below!

Without going into too much detail, here is some of the highlights as to what is to come from Lifeoholics Anonymous in the very near future… 

  • Fully detailed product reviews featuring products from “Love The Fight Lures,” “Lew’s,” and Many More! 
  • Apart from the product reviews, I will be doing “Product Versus Product” posts that put to the test some of the best brands in fishing and how they compare to similar products on the market!
  • Step by step budget fishing guides that will include posts from other respected writers and sources in the fishing community. Here is a sneak peak at one of the writers and posts to be included in these guides! Paul Gaskell who recently did a fantastic article called [“What’s the Best Baitcasting Reel for Less than $100?”] Click the link to see his article now!
  • The biggest change to come is the launch of the Official Lifeoholics Anonymous’s YouTube Channel! The channel launch event is set for Monday, June 29th!
  • Upon release of the YouTube Channel, all my original posts will be getting an update that will include a video of myself going over each individual post and adding in some extra thoughts, Answers to Questions asked from previous readers, and other bonus content that relates to each topic.
  • There are a lot of big changes and updates happening with Lifeoholics Anonymous as well as for me personally. I have not set an exact time or date, but one of the last big changes to be coming to the website (Apart from the overall layout and design) will be an added Premium Membership option available for anyone who would be interested. The Premium Membership Perks will include such features like Viewing All New Content (Both Videos and Blog Posts) Before Anyone Else, Live Events Streamed for Members Only, Product Giveaways, and Much More!

Just because I have not had the time to publish new posts or articles, does not mean I have not had any free time at all. As little as that free time may have been, it never went to waste! I have been working on new graphics for the site, new logo ideas, and I have been cooking up some new posts that will be published soon. I will be sticking to a strict schedule so you all know exactly when to expect new posts and videos! 

Thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support through these tough times. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as this Covid-19 situation starts to come to an end. My county just officially went to the Green Phase as of earlier today and I hope the rest of you out there are lucky enough to be having the same happen already or will have it happen soon.

Below Is A Viewer Feedback Forum, This Is Not Seen By Anyone But Myself And Is Strictly For Personal Use Used To Improve Posts, Graphics, Etc.

9 Ways Fishing Benefits Those In Recovery

According to “Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,” 23.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. That is approximately 1 in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. That is roughly equal to the population of Texas. But only 11 percent of those with an addiction receive treatment.


It is very surprising to me that even now in 2020, there are still many people who do not know what drug and alcohol rehabilitation consists of and they definitely do not know what those individuals that are in those programs go through on a daily basis. So I compiled this short list to insure that everyone who reads this is on the same page when it comes to this topic.

  • A. Before someone can decide on finding treatment for their addiction, they first need to admit to themselves and acknowledge their personal struggle with substance dependency. Once they make that decision to overcome their addiction and improve their overall state of life. Then they can start researching what treatment program would be best suited for themselves.
  • B. There are many different types of treatment programs available with inpatient and outpatient options. Some may decide on an inpatient program for the benefits of a detox program before going into a rehabilitation program. Others may decide that a MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) program, such as the Suboxone or Methadone Programs, is better suited for them for the outpatient benefit and minimal interruption to their daily life.
  • C. No matter what treatment plan is chosen, the road to recovery is not an easy or short one by any means. It requires a lot of willpower and self-discipline to get through the first stages of recovery and even more so for the stages beyond. Some people may decide to go into a sober-living home to help them adjust to their sobriety after rehab. Whatever the course of action that may be taken, the key to sustainable recovery is building strong relationships with others that are also in recovery. Along with repairing and strengthening relationships with family too.
  • D. The reason those relationships are so vital during recovery is because once a person has completed their initial treatment, they will then participate in daily or weekly support groups to help with sustaining their sobriety. These support groups vary in their location, focus, and demographics but will generally consist of some of those other patients they built relations with during treatment. “Alcoholics Anonymous” and “Narcotics Anonymous”, being among some of those available groups, provide a stable support community that helps to encourage and motivate its members to help insure their long-term sobriety.
  • E. Outside of those support groups and meetings, it is up to each individual person to do what they need to do to make it to the next day. Whether it is going to work, spending time with family, or spending time working on a hobby. It is always a constant struggle and to prevent relapse, they must avoid triggers and stressful situations whenever possible. Many people will shut out full sections of their lives because it reminds them too much of times prior to recovery. Faith, exercise, hobbies, and relationships are what help those individuals get through to the next day besides their chosen support groups.

“Remember: there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to addiction recovery. Whichever treatment path you choose, be sure that it has everything you need to help you achieve a successful recovery.”

For more information regarding Addiction and available Addiction Treatment Options, please visit Addiction Center for more details.


Whether your ancestors traveled to America from another country or were among the first Native Americans, it does not matter. Most of us are guaranteed to have fishing in our blood. Fishing first started out as an essential survival trait to help feed not just a fisherman’s family, but their entire community too. Since then fishing has evolved throughout the ages from a key element in survival to a leisurely family hobby and international outdoor sport.

A. According to “Wikipedia”, throughout the world today there are roughly 38 million commercial and subsistence fishermen and fish farmers consisting of both men and women. Apart from the commercial fishermen, subsistence fishermen, and fish farmers. There are also fishermen known world-wide as Professional Fishermen or Anglers.

B. Professional Fisherman or Anglers consist of both men and women. These people make a living in the sport of fishing by competing in tournaments with a paid entry fee and high payouts for the winners. Professional Fisherman can also refer to someone who helps educate others about the sport of fishing or by being involved in an industry promotion.

“The salary of a Professional Bass Fisherman in the U.S. ranges from $13,149 to $350,382 with the top 82 percent making that $350,382.”

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As said earlier in this post, a crucial element in the longevity of someone’s recovery is to have a steady routine consisting of daily/weekly support group meetings. Along with staying focused on things like work or hobbies to help minimize the chance of relapse. Fishing offers a wide range of benefits for those in or out of recovery and those benefits are:

  1. Exercise – This is one of my favorite parts of going out fishing. As I have explicitly stated on different parts of my website, I do not come from nor do I currently have a large amount of money or perks at my disposal. One of those perks being a boat. Since I do not have a boat, I am restricted to shoreline fishing only now which is perfect since I need to lose some weight and get back in shape to improve my overall well-being. This is something that everyone can benefit from but especially those in recovery. Fresh out of rehab is one of the hardest times physically since you are going to be feeling many different things that has been numbed for a long time. To get through those different pains and aches, you are going to want to stretch out and exercise. What better way to do that then hiking along a river or around a lake with the added benefit of working your arms by casting out and reeling in.
  2. Outdoors – For me personally when I first started down my road to recovery. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck inside every day after just being locked indoors throughout the initial parts of rehab. I also did not want my outdoor time to be limited to my travel to and from work. That is when fishing became a shining beacon to help me get out and about without risk of visiting any of that might trigger any kind of negative urges. As well as that, for most people, there is usually an accessible body of water within walking distance from their home. Making it an easy go to if you are not able to drive or do not have a vehicle. That would also coincide with benefit number 1 adding to one’s overall workout.
  3. One, Two, or More – After being in a rehabilitation center filled with other people or going to support meetings that consist of 5 or more people. There comes a point in time where you just want some nice quiet time to yourself, but in a healthy way so that you do not run the risk of getting stuck in your head wanting to escape. That there is a perfect example of when you should grab your fishing pole and tackle bag then head out to the water. Fishing has been widely known to be a more solitary activity but with the added benefit of being able to include in others if you choose to. Bring a buddy, introduce your child, or get out for the quality alone time. No matter what you choose or when, fishing is always an available option.
  4. Never Ending Consistency – When someone first decides on picking up a new hobby or trade, one of the main things they consider is how long it will hold their interest before they get bored. Same thing goes for trending fads. How long until the next big thing swoops in and takes it over. When it comes to the vast world of fishing, neither of those concerns would ever become an issue. Fishing is a constantly growing sport and hobby that is passed down from generation to generation. Each generation evolves and improves upon the techniques and equipment passed down to them before it is then passed on again. Even if one day the sport of fishing dies out and holds little interest as a hobby. The need to fish as a source of food will always be a necessity. Making fishing an undying and beneficial skill for all.
  5. Little to No Money – As a recovering addict, I know all too well how much debt is acquired from having a previous addiction. Does not matter if it is drugs or alcohol. Whatever money someone had or earned during the time their addiction was in control, all went to feeding that beast. So, once you begin recovery and start off down that road, it is very unlikely that you have any money to spare. Luckily, fishing is not an expensive hobby to get into. Depending on your family or friends, it is usually a good chance that someone has or does fish. If that is the case, you can probably get away with not spending anything at all when starting out and instead borrow just the basics to help you get out there sooner rather than later. This also comes with the added benefit of being able to try fishing to see if you even enjoy it before spending money on something you might not like. Nonetheless, if you have no way of borrowing some of the basics. You can go to places like Wal-Mart or Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase a beginner’s rod and reel tackle kit from anywhere between $20-$40. Though the starter kits are not high-quality pieces, they are more than enough when starting out and getting a feel for whether fishing is a hobby and sport worth pursuing.
  6. Water Is Not Always Necessary – Typically when it comes to fishing, the only way to catch a fish is by going to a body of water or a running stream. Yet there is so much more to the world of fishing then just that. There are many fishermen out there that live and breath all things fishing both on the water and at home. There are many different types of fishing as well as many different types of equipment and gear that is used to fish. Before all these big companies started producing things like lures, baits, and tackle. Many fishermen would make home made lures and baits to help them land that prize catch. Today’s fishermen are no different. Whether it is making home made flies for fly fishing or melting down plastics to pour into molds to create different colored artificial creatures. Fishing provides countless options both on the water and at home to help keep you busy and improve your game.
  7. Opportunity Knocks – It is no secret that everyone wants nothing more then to become a financial success. Every day there is something new and exciting that comes onto the market. Whether it is an upgrade to something already available or something totally unique and new. The world of fishing is no exception to this. There are companies filled with research teams designing new ways to catch more and bigger fish. On YouTube there are many people out there producing fishing videos that range from tips and tricks, product reviews, and much more. All over the United States, businesses and groups hold local tournaments for professionals, amateurs, or newcomers. You may pick up fishing as a hobby, but it is quite possible for you to turn that hobby into a new source of income.
  8. New Beginnings – My biggest hope for myself when going into recovery was the chance at a new beginning. After all the wrongs I’ve done during the peak of my addiction, all I wanted a chance to do was become a better person and try to make up for all those wrongs in anyway I could. When starting back into fishing, I was granted a big part of that hope. As I began to meet other anglers and explore new places, I began to understand and realize that it didn’t matter what I did, where I came from, or that I was a recovering addict. After I got over that fear of rejection and judgement, I was immediately met with a huge feeling of relief when these new people I started to meet fully accepted me for who I was and never put a second thought into what I had done in my past. It did not matter to any of them whether I was an addict, had a record, or didn’t really know much about this new world I was trying to become a part of. When you and your fishing buddies are out on the water, everything else is just left on land.
  9. One-Size-Fits-All – Last but not least, it is never too late to pick up fishing. On the flip side, there is no such thing as starting too early. Whether you are 10 years old or 60, it does not matter. The best time to join in on the fun is all up to when you decide you want to. You do not need to be fortunate enough to have had your father or grandfather take you out and teach you what they know. Everyone must start somewhere and if it is something you genuinely want to do. Then the only thing stopping you from starting is you. The fishing community is well-known for being family friendly and overly generous. It is not an uncommon occurrence to bump into other fishermen while out on the water and have them greet you as if you are their long-lost brother/sister. Most fishermen are outgoing and well spoken. Always ready to share some of what they know with others. So do not worry that you may not know all you need to successfully land a big catch. There is always someone out there ready to help answer any question you may have so that you too can enjoy this fantastic world of fishing.


I am sure that much like myself, never would you think that something as simple as fishing could ever be so beneficial to someone that has hit their own personal rock bottom. Now it is important that those in recovery do not substitute one addiction for another. There are healthy addictions, such as exercise, but the list of healthy addictions is quite small. So taking things in moderation after getting out of rehab or initial recovery programs is important. Never go rushing into something in hopes of filling that void where your addiction once lived because you can risk trading one addiction for another. You were strong enough to get into recovery and you will continue getting stronger every day that you stay in recovery. The possibilities are endless to those who want it bad enough.

It took me quite awhile to find something I can truly be passionate about, apart from my child and family. Fishing was not my first choice as a hobby and I did not really get into it much the first year because of my lack of experience mixed with some bad first times going out. It took me a bit to finally have a good experience, but that one good experience was all it took. Since then I have learned so much and have grown to be “That Guy” that my buddies and family go to for advice or to learn new things so that they may improve their own experiences.

I leave you with what will be my motto here at Lifeoholics Anonymous for all those in recovery who are looking to jump into the world of fishing and give it a try. It comes from the fishing term “Catch and Release” which refers to when a fisherman catches a fish and releases it right after so that that fish may get bigger or for someone else to have a chance at catching it.

“Catch A Better Future and Release Your Past!”

– Lifeoholics Anonymous

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