My name is Christopher J. Weiss,

but you can call me Chris!

I am from Northeast Pennsylvania, and I am the Owner & Creator of ‘Lifeoholics Anonymous’ & ‘Lifeoholics Fishing!’

Lifeoholics Anonymous is the core website and hub for the Lifeoholics Family. I came up with the term Lifeoholic to describe someone who loves all aspects of life from the good, the bad, and the ugly. I, myself, am a recovering addict who loved a little too much of the darker parts of life but turned my life around for the better and have been in recovery for almost 9 years. With a lot of hard work and thanks to my loved ones, the amazing world of fishing, and a few other great aspects of life. I was able to overcome my addiction and turn my life around. By creating the Lifeoholics’ Family and Brand, I am hoping to pass on what I have learned and help others overcome their addiction through some of the same ways I did.

“Helping Others Catch a Better Future & Release Their Past!”

– Our Mission Here at Lifeoholics

Going a little deeper into myself, I am a father, family man, avid fisherman, musician, cook, outdoors man, gamer, entrepreneur, handy man, and techy. I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter who has been my ultimate motivation coach through this entire endeavor. I live with my amazing girlfriend, her 9 year old son, and her 3 year old son whom I have come to love as if they were my own. They, like my daughter, are one of the main reasons for which I decided to start on this venture into blogging and vlogging. I owe them so much for their constant unwavering support and love through these most difficult of times.

Other than Lifeoholics, I currently work for Hess Estate Liquidators as a part time independent contractor to help finance this dream of becoming an online influencer both in the blogging and the vlogging world as well. Everyone has to start somewhere and no one becomes a success overnight. So this here is my starting point and I hope to prove to many of those people out there who felt the same way as I did. That there is no such thing as too late. As long as you work hard and want it bad enough, then you can easily change your life for the better.

Thank you for your support and I hope to make you all proud!


Fishing Experience

I first started fishing 13 years ago when I was 18 years old. I started with a bobber and worms fishing for panfish but quickly moved into the world of Bass Fishing. Immediately falling in love with the sport, I began researching everything and anything I needed to learn to become a successful bass fisherman. Since then, I have become a very confident angler, I have taught many others over the years improve their overall experience when out on the water, and I vigorously stay up to date on the latest news/products/techniques. Up until this year I have strictly been a shore fishermen, only boat fishing when invited out by friends, but I recently got my first boat that has given me the ultimate freedom I needed to turn my dream of teaching others into a reality.

Product Testing and Reviews

One of my favorite things about fishing is the constant wave of evolving techniques and new products that are released. I do my absolute best to keep up with all the latest and upcoming releases so that I am never a step behind any competition that arises between my friends and fellow anglers. Before publicly releasing any personal opinions I may have in regards to a product or company, I make sure to extensively use and test each item, as well as, dedicate a good amount of time to them. I strive to give the most unbiased opinion and review possible so that anyone and everyone viewing my content knows they are getting the truth they want and deserve.

Customer Service Experience

For my High School Education, I attended a Vocational-Technical School where my trade of choice was Culinary Arts. From my first year in Culinary Arts to my last, I was taught not just to prep and cook food, but I learned everything required to run the front end of the food business as well. The main aspect being Customer Service. We extensively learned the ins and outs of how to best serve customers and how to best sell the products we created. After high school I gained employment at a national musical instrument retailer that still to this day has the best customer service training program in the world. With the training they provided as well as the commission based pay, I quickly mastered the art of putting the customer first and becoming an expert in everything I sold. I still use what I learned to this day to help bring my viewers the best content possible in regards to product and company reviews.

Online Video & Marketing Consultant

As much as I enjoy many fine products from many world renown corporations and businesses, I enjoy supporting local business and stores even more. Especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic, times are extremely tough for us all but even more so for locally owned businesses. That is why I offer free consultations to any and all local businesses that are looking to expand their online presence via online videos, marketing, and more. If you are a local business looking to do this, details on best way to contact me are below!


Product, Location, And Business Reviews

I recently uploaded the first in a long series called “Local Scores.” In this series I feature stores, shores, products, and more that are all locally owned. Focusing on my native region of the northeast to start, I do have plans on expanding out to other states to share with my viewers some of the amazing products and businesses that they could be utilizing. I am always looking for new products to try, new businesses to work with, and other fisherman who are interested in collaborating. If you are one of these fishermen or businesses, please reach out and contact me below!

Moving Both This Website And My YouTube Channel Forward, Together

Since first launching this website, I spread myself too thin and was unable to focus on both my channel and posting here. After successfully launching my YouTube channel, I narrowed down my focus and learned one of the most valuable things possible. Time Management. Now having a set routine, I am finally capable of doing both this website and channel bringing them forward, together!

Let’s make something together!