*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Yes, It Has Been Awhile. Here is Why and What Is Next!

So Much Change, In Such Little Time…

As I am sure most of you have probably noticed, there has not been any posts or activity lately here on the website or on my social media’s. I can promise you all that this was certainly not intentional. As fortunate as I was to publicly launch this website and blog, the timing could have been better since soon after my life took a steep turn into chaos and it has not let up much since. With the schools closing until next year along with a lot of other setbacks occurring because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been no exception when it comes to the hard times many of us have been faced with since this all started. Though I have had the extra time off from my day to day job, I have picked up the responsibilities of being a full-time parent at home since my better half is an essential worker.  

I know I am not alone when I say that this entire experience has truly gave me a whole new perspective and sense of gratitude towards teachers and what they go through on a daily basis while caring for our children. On a side note though, I really cannot wait to see these teachers again so I can call them out on all the lies they spit out on parent teacher night’s about how great our children are and how happy they are to have them as students. Now this feeling is one I am not alone with because after just one week of having to home school my kids. I immediately knew that either the teacher lied or these kids act completely different in school then they do at home. With knowing how these kids are, I can confidently say it was the teachers that were not telling the whole truth here. (That was 100% a joke and I do not actually hold any hard feelings towards any teachers so please refrain from any negative comments because of this. This was purely a LoL moment. Thank you!) 


As unfortunate as this entire situation has been, one fortunate thing to happen is that my girlfriend, the kids, and myself are all finally moving into our new home! We have known since before this past Christmas that we would be moving into my girlfriend’s childhood home, but what we did not know was exactly when that was going to definitely happen. We knew that we had to wait for her parents to finish renovating their new house and then get partially moved in before getting an exact date. We were predicting that it would happen by or during the summer. Thanks to the extra freed up time the Covid-19 situation had presented. The entire process was completed a lot sooner then anticipated. Pushing up our official move in date to May 23rd!  

So along with the extra day to day duties added to our already hectic lives, packing and moving was also added in on top of all that. Making it extremely hard for me to be able to fully commit the time required to produce the best content that you all deserve! Yes, I could have thrown together partially researched posts on sloppy thrown together topics. But that is not the type of content I want Lifeoholics Anonymous to be known for or associated with. So I have sacrificed the short game to help insure a better long game. Even though I have not published any posts and have not been as active as I wish I was on social media. That does not mean I have not been working on anything or have not been preparing for what comes next.

New Logo Concept/Idea – Tell Me What You Think Of It In The Comments Below!

Without going into too much detail, here is some of the highlights as to what is to come from Lifeoholics Anonymous in the very near future… 

  • Fully detailed product reviews featuring products from “Love The Fight Lures,” “Lew’s,” and Many More! 
  • Apart from the product reviews, I will be doing “Product Versus Product” posts that put to the test some of the best brands in fishing and how they compare to similar products on the market!
  • Step by step budget fishing guides that will include posts from other respected writers and sources in the fishing community. Here is a sneak peak at one of the writers and posts to be included in these guides! Paul Gaskell who recently did a fantastic article called [“What’s the Best Baitcasting Reel for Less than $100?”] Click the link to see his article now!
  • The biggest change to come is the launch of the Official Lifeoholics Anonymous’s YouTube Channel! The channel launch event is set for Monday, June 29th!
  • Upon release of the YouTube Channel, all my original posts will be getting an update that will include a video of myself going over each individual post and adding in some extra thoughts, Answers to Questions asked from previous readers, and other bonus content that relates to each topic.
  • There are a lot of big changes and updates happening with Lifeoholics Anonymous as well as for me personally. I have not set an exact time or date, but one of the last big changes to be coming to the website (Apart from the overall layout and design) will be an added Premium Membership option available for anyone who would be interested. The Premium Membership Perks will include such features like Viewing All New Content (Both Videos and Blog Posts) Before Anyone Else, Live Events Streamed for Members Only, Product Giveaways, and Much More!

Just because I have not had the time to publish new posts or articles, does not mean I have not had any free time at all. As little as that free time may have been, it never went to waste! I have been working on new graphics for the site, new logo ideas, and I have been cooking up some new posts that will be published soon. I will be sticking to a strict schedule so you all know exactly when to expect new posts and videos! 

Thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support through these tough times. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as this Covid-19 situation starts to come to an end. My county just officially went to the Green Phase as of earlier today and I hope the rest of you out there are lucky enough to be having the same happen already or will have it happen soon.

Below Is A Viewer Feedback Forum, This Is Not Seen By Anyone But Myself And Is Strictly For Personal Use Used To Improve Posts, Graphics, Etc.

9 Ways Fishing Benefits Those In Recovery

According to “Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,” 23.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. That is approximately 1 in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. That is roughly equal to the population of Texas. But only 11 percent of those with an addiction receive treatment.


It is very surprising to me that even now in 2020, there are still many people who do not know what drug and alcohol rehabilitation consists of and they definitely do not know what those individuals that are in those programs go through on a daily basis. So I compiled this short list to insure that everyone who reads this is on the same page when it comes to this topic.

  • A. Before someone can decide on finding treatment for their addiction, they first need to admit to themselves and acknowledge their personal struggle with substance dependency. Once they make that decision to overcome their addiction and improve their overall state of life. Then they can start researching what treatment program would be best suited for themselves.
  • B. There are many different types of treatment programs available with inpatient and outpatient options. Some may decide on an inpatient program for the benefits of a detox program before going into a rehabilitation program. Others may decide that a MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) program, such as the Suboxone or Methadone Programs, is better suited for them for the outpatient benefit and minimal interruption to their daily life.
  • C. No matter what treatment plan is chosen, the road to recovery is not an easy or short one by any means. It requires a lot of willpower and self-discipline to get through the first stages of recovery and even more so for the stages beyond. Some people may decide to go into a sober-living home to help them adjust to their sobriety after rehab. Whatever the course of action that may be taken, the key to sustainable recovery is building strong relationships with others that are also in recovery. Along with repairing and strengthening relationships with family too.
  • D. The reason those relationships are so vital during recovery is because once a person has completed their initial treatment, they will then participate in daily or weekly support groups to help with sustaining their sobriety. These support groups vary in their location, focus, and demographics but will generally consist of some of those other patients they built relations with during treatment. “Alcoholics Anonymous” and “Narcotics Anonymous”, being among some of those available groups, provide a stable support community that helps to encourage and motivate its members to help insure their long-term sobriety.
  • E. Outside of those support groups and meetings, it is up to each individual person to do what they need to do to make it to the next day. Whether it is going to work, spending time with family, or spending time working on a hobby. It is always a constant struggle and to prevent relapse, they must avoid triggers and stressful situations whenever possible. Many people will shut out full sections of their lives because it reminds them too much of times prior to recovery. Faith, exercise, hobbies, and relationships are what help those individuals get through to the next day besides their chosen support groups.

“Remember: there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to addiction recovery. Whichever treatment path you choose, be sure that it has everything you need to help you achieve a successful recovery.”

For more information regarding Addiction and available Addiction Treatment Options, please visit Addiction Center for more details.


Whether your ancestors traveled to America from another country or were among the first Native Americans, it does not matter. Most of us are guaranteed to have fishing in our blood. Fishing first started out as an essential survival trait to help feed not just a fisherman’s family, but their entire community too. Since then fishing has evolved throughout the ages from a key element in survival to a leisurely family hobby and international outdoor sport.

A. According to “Wikipedia”, throughout the world today there are roughly 38 million commercial and subsistence fishermen and fish farmers consisting of both men and women. Apart from the commercial fishermen, subsistence fishermen, and fish farmers. There are also fishermen known world-wide as Professional Fishermen or Anglers.

B. Professional Fisherman or Anglers consist of both men and women. These people make a living in the sport of fishing by competing in tournaments with a paid entry fee and high payouts for the winners. Professional Fisherman can also refer to someone who helps educate others about the sport of fishing or by being involved in an industry promotion.

“The salary of a Professional Bass Fisherman in the U.S. ranges from $13,149 to $350,382 with the top 82 percent making that $350,382.”

As posted on “Comparably.com


As said earlier in this post, a crucial element in the longevity of someone’s recovery is to have a steady routine consisting of daily/weekly support group meetings. Along with staying focused on things like work or hobbies to help minimize the chance of relapse. Fishing offers a wide range of benefits for those in or out of recovery and those benefits are:

  1. Exercise – This is one of my favorite parts of going out fishing. As I have explicitly stated on different parts of my website, I do not come from nor do I currently have a large amount of money or perks at my disposal. One of those perks being a boat. Since I do not have a boat, I am restricted to shoreline fishing only now which is perfect since I need to lose some weight and get back in shape to improve my overall well-being. This is something that everyone can benefit from but especially those in recovery. Fresh out of rehab is one of the hardest times physically since you are going to be feeling many different things that has been numbed for a long time. To get through those different pains and aches, you are going to want to stretch out and exercise. What better way to do that then hiking along a river or around a lake with the added benefit of working your arms by casting out and reeling in.
  2. Outdoors – For me personally when I first started down my road to recovery. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck inside every day after just being locked indoors throughout the initial parts of rehab. I also did not want my outdoor time to be limited to my travel to and from work. That is when fishing became a shining beacon to help me get out and about without risk of visiting any of that might trigger any kind of negative urges. As well as that, for most people, there is usually an accessible body of water within walking distance from their home. Making it an easy go to if you are not able to drive or do not have a vehicle. That would also coincide with benefit number 1 adding to one’s overall workout.
  3. One, Two, or More – After being in a rehabilitation center filled with other people or going to support meetings that consist of 5 or more people. There comes a point in time where you just want some nice quiet time to yourself, but in a healthy way so that you do not run the risk of getting stuck in your head wanting to escape. That there is a perfect example of when you should grab your fishing pole and tackle bag then head out to the water. Fishing has been widely known to be a more solitary activity but with the added benefit of being able to include in others if you choose to. Bring a buddy, introduce your child, or get out for the quality alone time. No matter what you choose or when, fishing is always an available option.
  4. Never Ending Consistency – When someone first decides on picking up a new hobby or trade, one of the main things they consider is how long it will hold their interest before they get bored. Same thing goes for trending fads. How long until the next big thing swoops in and takes it over. When it comes to the vast world of fishing, neither of those concerns would ever become an issue. Fishing is a constantly growing sport and hobby that is passed down from generation to generation. Each generation evolves and improves upon the techniques and equipment passed down to them before it is then passed on again. Even if one day the sport of fishing dies out and holds little interest as a hobby. The need to fish as a source of food will always be a necessity. Making fishing an undying and beneficial skill for all.
  5. Little to No Money – As a recovering addict, I know all too well how much debt is acquired from having a previous addiction. Does not matter if it is drugs or alcohol. Whatever money someone had or earned during the time their addiction was in control, all went to feeding that beast. So, once you begin recovery and start off down that road, it is very unlikely that you have any money to spare. Luckily, fishing is not an expensive hobby to get into. Depending on your family or friends, it is usually a good chance that someone has or does fish. If that is the case, you can probably get away with not spending anything at all when starting out and instead borrow just the basics to help you get out there sooner rather than later. This also comes with the added benefit of being able to try fishing to see if you even enjoy it before spending money on something you might not like. Nonetheless, if you have no way of borrowing some of the basics. You can go to places like Wal-Mart or Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase a beginner’s rod and reel tackle kit from anywhere between $20-$40. Though the starter kits are not high-quality pieces, they are more than enough when starting out and getting a feel for whether fishing is a hobby and sport worth pursuing.
  6. Water Is Not Always Necessary – Typically when it comes to fishing, the only way to catch a fish is by going to a body of water or a running stream. Yet there is so much more to the world of fishing then just that. There are many fishermen out there that live and breath all things fishing both on the water and at home. There are many different types of fishing as well as many different types of equipment and gear that is used to fish. Before all these big companies started producing things like lures, baits, and tackle. Many fishermen would make home made lures and baits to help them land that prize catch. Today’s fishermen are no different. Whether it is making home made flies for fly fishing or melting down plastics to pour into molds to create different colored artificial creatures. Fishing provides countless options both on the water and at home to help keep you busy and improve your game.
  7. Opportunity Knocks – It is no secret that everyone wants nothing more then to become a financial success. Every day there is something new and exciting that comes onto the market. Whether it is an upgrade to something already available or something totally unique and new. The world of fishing is no exception to this. There are companies filled with research teams designing new ways to catch more and bigger fish. On YouTube there are many people out there producing fishing videos that range from tips and tricks, product reviews, and much more. All over the United States, businesses and groups hold local tournaments for professionals, amateurs, or newcomers. You may pick up fishing as a hobby, but it is quite possible for you to turn that hobby into a new source of income.
  8. New Beginnings – My biggest hope for myself when going into recovery was the chance at a new beginning. After all the wrongs I’ve done during the peak of my addiction, all I wanted a chance to do was become a better person and try to make up for all those wrongs in anyway I could. When starting back into fishing, I was granted a big part of that hope. As I began to meet other anglers and explore new places, I began to understand and realize that it didn’t matter what I did, where I came from, or that I was a recovering addict. After I got over that fear of rejection and judgement, I was immediately met with a huge feeling of relief when these new people I started to meet fully accepted me for who I was and never put a second thought into what I had done in my past. It did not matter to any of them whether I was an addict, had a record, or didn’t really know much about this new world I was trying to become a part of. When you and your fishing buddies are out on the water, everything else is just left on land.
  9. One-Size-Fits-All – Last but not least, it is never too late to pick up fishing. On the flip side, there is no such thing as starting too early. Whether you are 10 years old or 60, it does not matter. The best time to join in on the fun is all up to when you decide you want to. You do not need to be fortunate enough to have had your father or grandfather take you out and teach you what they know. Everyone must start somewhere and if it is something you genuinely want to do. Then the only thing stopping you from starting is you. The fishing community is well-known for being family friendly and overly generous. It is not an uncommon occurrence to bump into other fishermen while out on the water and have them greet you as if you are their long-lost brother/sister. Most fishermen are outgoing and well spoken. Always ready to share some of what they know with others. So do not worry that you may not know all you need to successfully land a big catch. There is always someone out there ready to help answer any question you may have so that you too can enjoy this fantastic world of fishing.


I am sure that much like myself, never would you think that something as simple as fishing could ever be so beneficial to someone that has hit their own personal rock bottom. Now it is important that those in recovery do not substitute one addiction for another. There are healthy addictions, such as exercise, but the list of healthy addictions is quite small. So taking things in moderation after getting out of rehab or initial recovery programs is important. Never go rushing into something in hopes of filling that void where your addiction once lived because you can risk trading one addiction for another. You were strong enough to get into recovery and you will continue getting stronger every day that you stay in recovery. The possibilities are endless to those who want it bad enough.

It took me quite awhile to find something I can truly be passionate about, apart from my child and family. Fishing was not my first choice as a hobby and I did not really get into it much the first year because of my lack of experience mixed with some bad first times going out. It took me a bit to finally have a good experience, but that one good experience was all it took. Since then I have learned so much and have grown to be “That Guy” that my buddies and family go to for advice or to learn new things so that they may improve their own experiences.

I leave you with what will be my motto here at Lifeoholics Anonymous for all those in recovery who are looking to jump into the world of fishing and give it a try. It comes from the fishing term “Catch and Release” which refers to when a fisherman catches a fish and releases it right after so that that fish may get bigger or for someone else to have a chance at catching it.

“Catch A Better Future and Release Your Past!”

– Lifeoholics Anonymous

Thank you for checking out my post! Please leave a comment below to let me know what you thought and also please hit that “Like Button” if you enjoyed it. Do not forget to subscribe to this blog by entering your e-mail so that you get updates on all new posts and changes!

Early Saturday Fishing ON EASTER WEEKEND!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Alarm started blaring right at 6:45AM, normally in the summertime it would be set for 4:30-5:00AM, but with the forecasted conditions and it still being early April. I’ve found that the best activity starts later morning through the whole afternoon when the sun is at its highest. So, I hopped out of bed, threw on a couple layers since the temperature outside read 34 degrees, and then scurried around grabbing the gear I setup the night before along with a pop tart to eat in route. I pulled away from the house at 7:15AM and shot over to grab my new fishing buddy Rafael. Him and I get along great because he loves to fish as much as I do and he’s always ready at the drop of a hat. Now typically because of the Corvid-19 situation, I wouldn’t have carpooled with anyone. Instead, I would just meet whoever at the agreed upon spot but since Rafael has become like family. We both know that neither one of us would willing put either of our families at risk like that.

After a quick stop at the uni-mart for drinks, we arrived at our destination right at 7:40AM and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect. The spot I chose for the day was in the small town of Duryea. I personally have only been there a handful of times and only caught crappie 1 of the most recent times. I originally found it because of the mobile fishing app I use called “Fishbrain.” Which I will be doing a full post on soon. The first time I checked this spot was with my brother at the end of last summer. We came in from a different way and only spent about an hour there never going back further then our original spot. I later discovered another way in from an access point in town. What really makes this place so appealing is the fact that you walk over a bridge that’s built over the Lawkawanna River. Then after an easy 5-minute walk back, you come upon not just 1 pond, but you’ve got 3 different ponds in one big area all with great access points for shore fishing. So, let’s recap, by going to this 1 area you get access to 3 different ponds and numerous spots along the Lawkawanna River. When it comes to being restricted to only shore fishing, you really just do not get any better than that.

Time to Get the Party Started!

Based on the last time I was there along with-it being Rafael’s first time, I decided that we should start off where I left off. In my opinion, it’s the best spot for a base camp giving us multiple spots to cast. Besides that, there’s a few different paths that take you to shallows or to the deepest points. Being accustom to the restrictions of shore fishing only, you learn to travel light and use only 1-2 poles. Personally, I’ve used a backpack for my tackle and gear for a long time now. I’m able to fit 1 large plastic case, 3 mediums, and 1 small along with using old utensil bags for my plastics. To check out the gear that’s currently in my arsenal when starting this venture, head over to my post here for the complete list.

Along with my trusty backpack, I always bring my spinning rod and bait caster combo. Since I currently only have those 2 rods and reels, they are usually setup with whatever I had on them from my last time out. Unless I set them up differently before leaving the house of course, which I did not do this time. This time out I decided to bring along my smaller spinning rod and reel that I setup for the kids when they want to come out. Usually I wouldn’t have this with me, but after some issues with the original closed reel that came with this rod. I switched it over to a smaller open spinning reel and wanted to personally take some casts with it to insure it properly functioned no matter who used it.

From my last trip out, I had a Monkey Butt colored 110 Whopper Plopper on the bait caster, a 1/2 ounce black football jig with black and blue skirt and a black with blue flake creature bait trailer, and the smallest rod had my go-to bobber setup with a white trout magnet plastic on a silver hook. That bobber setup has always been my preference for the kids because you can always get some pan fish to bite with a simple change of color.

Dip Your Reels and Get Casting!

No matter the conditions, I’ve always been in the habit of dipping my reels into the water before taking a cast. Especially when it comes to braided line. When line gets wet, it’s strengthened and makes tying nots much easier. My opening choice is usually my favorite, the Whopper Plopper on my bait caster. Anyone whose used a Whopper Plopper knows how versatile and useful they are in all conditions and times. You can usually judge whether or not anything is showing interest in those conditions. Even more so if you’re wearing some polarized glasses to help see into the water better. Though I might not have official polarized glasses, my daily sunglasses do help a bit. After hitting the key points on the pond with a few casts in each spot. I decided to switch over to the smaller rod and reel with the bobber setup to see if the white crappie were bit at least. Last time I was there that’s the exact setup I used that landed me a couple nice size crappie.

Sure enough, after 30 seconds of being in the waters. My bobber started going up and down, then stayed under. I set the hook and believed I had it. I got it reeled into about 3-feet from shore when it spit it right out. Usually that would be extremely aggravating, but not when I’m trying to gauge the activity and possibility of schooling. Not wasting time, I got my trout magnet back in the water. Missing setting the hook a handful of times before finally landing my first white crappie of the day. Rafael wasn’t having the best of luck, which kind of confused us both since he had decided to use the same bobber setup for a bit.

Thanks to Rafael using that setup, I decided to change over to my spinning rod and reel with the black and blue football jig. Since the crappies were biting on white plastic, I took it as a sign that the other species in the pond would be more likely to hit on something white as well. I’m not sure why I didn’t immediately switch up to my white skirted football jig. I guess it could have been pure curiosity and my constant need to try everything at least once before ruling anything out. The weight of the jig made it possible for me to land it a foot from the island that sets off to left of the pond. Not being 100% positive on whether or not the bass in the pond have spawned or were still in the prespawn stage. I kept my retrieval slow and steady, dragging it on the bottom and through what I guessed to be a large bed. As I got to the edge of the bed, I felt as if I hit a log or brush. It didn’t feel like a bite at all. There was no pull or normal take off you usually get when a fish strikes. It wasn’t until I decided to give it a quick tug to try and free it from whatever it was stuck on when my line tightened up and took off. It was a bite, and not just any bite either. From the way my line took off after I set the hook, I could tell right away it was a beefier fish.

Now for what I’ve all been waiting for!

Normally when you get a bite, you’re immediately able to judge whether it’s something big or something small. Just by the way your tip starts to bed and the amount of force on your line. If it’s something smaller or around average, you’re able to reel it in with minimal effort and time. But when it’s something above average, you experience what all anglers do when that reality clicks in their head. An immediate adrenaline rush that’s followed with a surge of excitement that’s heightened even more so from the mystery of what could possibly be on the end of your line. This feeling is something that never gets old and never goes away. It’s one of the main reasons why anglers will get up at 4:30AM on their days off and spend an entire day on a body of water. There’s just nothing like it and until you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll just never truly know.

After that rush hit and I attempted to calm myself down, I went from trying to crank it in as fast as I could to doing the complete opposite. I remembered what I learned from watching hours of YouTube videos and reading numerous guides online. The bigger the fish, the more cautious and patient you need to be when reeling it in. The risk of snapping your line for keeping it too tight or the risk of the fish spitting out the bait when your line is too loose, is much higher the bigger the fish is. So I took it slow, letting the fish tire itself out a bit, and brought it in little by little until I finally got it to shore. Once I got it about 2-3 feet from shore, I was able to confirm that it was a very nice size largemouth bass. I didn’t bring a net so I had to roll the dice and do something that you usually would need to be on a boat to say. A “boat flip”, something that is as equally risky on a boat as it is on shore due to the chance of snapping your line or rod from the weight of the fish.

I got my prize on land and rushed over to lip it up, the whole time acting like a giddy little school gear because of the size of this prize. Rafael was 20-30 yards away on the farthest left side point when I announced that I had it hooked. By the time I got it to land, he had reeled in his bait and somehow got right by my side ready to assist in anyway he could if I needed it. Seeing that I had it handled, he then went to the next step most of us have become accustomed to and pulled out his phone to record a clip of my catch and snap a few pictures for me. Back in the day, which was a Wednesday by the way (As told by Dane Cook, haha!), anglers never would’ve considered pulling out a camera. Let alone something like a cell phone, to document proof of their catch. Hence why they had fishing stories which became commonly known for being overly exaggerated and held little truth.

Once Rafael got a couple photos with his camera, I gave him my phone to get a couple pictures and a quick video. All of which can be seen below or on the media page. We put our phones away and I got out my scale/tape measure combo tool that I really don’t like that much because of how finicky it is when getting an accurate weight. In the end, it measured out to be 23 inches and a few ounces over 7 pounds. Not big enough to take the place as my new personal best (commonly known as a PB), but it came really close. Being newer to bass and trout fishing, Rafael never got to experience firsthand a fish of this size. So of course, before releasing it back into the water, I had to hand it over and let him get a feel for this magnificent creature.

Ending on a High Note, but Not By Choice

Typically, I am not the negative type, I try to see the best in everything and keep a positive attitude despite however I may truly feel on the inside. I truly did believe after releasing that prize, that the fish was on! I encouraged Rafael to change up his tactics and try something else. Assuring him that I had faith in him and was confident that it he would land himself one before the day was out. After 2 hours of casting out from numerous points, switching between all the viable options we had in our arsenals, and me only landing 1 more bass that was significantly smaller then the first. We decided to call it quits and gather our things to head out to give the river a try before ending our day completely.

We came across a couple that had just stumbled out from a path that lead to the river we were heading to. They informed us that they had absolutely no luck at all despite their different tactics and hours attempting to get in their limit. Even though they didn’t favor so well, we still decided to give it a shot but instead of going to the spot the couple came from. We decided to walk further north up the river to the rapids in hopes that we might favor better.

It didn’t take long before we decided to chalk it up as a flop and head out for the day. Rafael snapped his line, losing his lure, and then did the same with mine after I let him use the spinning rod and reel for a few. To prevent losing anything else, along with any further dents to our egos. We gathered our things, policed up any garbage we had, and loaded up the car to head out. Looking back at the day as an overall win for both of us. Even though he didn’t catch anything and had nothing but bad luck when it came losing lures. The experience gained from the new things I showed him, being able to witness my awesome catch, and having the chance to check out a new place. Made it all very much worth it in the end.

This was my first attempt at a journal type post and I am hoping to make it a regular thing. I hope that by doing this kind of log after a day out on the water, that people may learn or take away something from my experiences that they may put to good use to improve their own personal experiences.

I would love everyone’s feedback on what they thought of this post. Let me know if there’s anything you might have done differently. Let me know if you enjoyed it and want some more posts like this and definitely let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in future posts. I have a couple product review posts coming up along with a couple guides and hot list posts as well. Thanks for reading and for all your support!

The Journey Ahead: What to Expect and When…

Before I begin, I would like to personally thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit Lifeoholics Anonymous! This initial post will explain what to expect over the next year along with a brief overview of Lifeoholics Anonymous.


Lifeoholics Anonymous is a fishing and recovery blog/website based out of Northeast Pennsylvania, here to help share the journey of Christopher Weiss and how the world of fishing helped him get through the early stages of his addiction recovery and beyond.

Over the next year, he will be bringing you:

  • The Latest In Fishing News
  • Step By Step Guides
  • Tips And Tricks
  • Along With The Top Locations That The Northeast Has To Offer

Along with everything fishing, he will continue reaching out to others who might be struggling with their own addiction and help them realize that it’s never too late to turn their lives around for the better. Especially cause, if Chris can do it, then anyone can!

What To Expect

To start this off with a bang, there will be a handful of initial posts that all relate to northeast fishing including some of the current hot spots, conditions, and the best gear to help ensure everyone has a great time on the water.

As for the weeks ahead, there will be fresh posts weekly that will help keep you up to date on season changes, fishing patterns, and weekly status updates on Chris’ recovery and out reach status. Whether it’s positive or negative, full disclosure is one of the most important basis this website is built upon.

Current Options Available To Stay Up-To-Date On What Comes Next

Right here on the Lifeoholics’ website we have many options available so you never miss a post, video or any status change whatsoever. Those current options are:

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*That sign has hung in the living room of my girlfriends and my house since we moved in together*

When To Expect Videos On Our YouTube Channel

My main focus the last few weeks, has been creating quality content followed by the fine tuning of the overall web design and website layout. The idea was to not take on more then I could handle to start. With that said, in between writing quality posts and creating the best web designs possible. I have done my best tokept up with my fishing venture and made sure to record anything and everything I could while I was out. By doing this, I hope to have my first video edited and released on our YouTube Channel within one to two weeks of the websites official release. Now that doesn’t mean wait until then to subscribe! Make sure you head immediately over to the channel by clicking the link below, then hit the subscribe button followed by clicking the little bell. That way you receive a notification as soon as that first video is released along with all the videos to follow.

To Conclude, I Need Your Help!

To wrap up this initial introduction post, I now turn the spotlight over to you, the readers. In order to make all this work and for me to continue posting new content. I rely on your feedback and thoughts to guide me in the weeks to come. Let me know what your initial thoughts of your first visit to Lifeoholics Anonymous. Tell me where I can improve, what I might need to change if anything, and/or anything I should add to help insure you keep coming back for as long as Lifeoholics Anonymous is active!

More importantly then any of that, tell me what you would like to see me post next! Whether it’s reviewing a specific product or piece of gear, maybe there’s a location you’ve wanted to fish and would like me to check it out first, or perhaps you’re currently in recovery and need help with something so that you continue to stay in recovery. I am open to any and all suggestions that you may have.

The best way to do all this is to simply comment below or on the main page, e-mail me directly at christopher-weiss@lifeoholicsanonymous.com, or through any of the above listed social networking platforms.

Thanks again, I’ve worked very hard to make this dream a reality and I’m really excited to see where this journey takes us!